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Various Types of Nets Used in Transportation of Goods

Nets are used for the protection of your goods during transportation from falling, bird predation, insects, or hail damage. Securing your items from all the external and internal factors is the most effective and environmentally responsible technique. There are different types of net fabrics used for the manufacturing of these nets, which play an efficient role during transportation. Each type of net material has its own strength, working load limit, resistance, abrasive contacts, and other qualities. Here we will talk about the most popular types of nets. 

Polypropylene Nets

Scaffold or debris nets are made of the Polypropylene material and are commonly used in the agriculture and construction industries. Knitted knotless polypropylene mesh nets are the high tenacity multi-filament nets that are manufactured in a wide variety of colors. Knotless polypropylene nets re provided in many twine diameters and mesh sizes, all with their own breaking strengths and best use cases. The UV stabilizers added in it make these nets highly appropriate for external use. The polypropylene mesh nets are usually bordered or hemmed on all four edges and can be taken by the square foot or as a part of a custom net solution. The highly durable Knitted knotless polypropylene mesh nets are often used by the customers for the protection of different goods during transportation and other general uses.

Nylon Nets

Lifting nets and personal safety nets are used manufactured of the Nylon material. These nets are highly durable and efficient in their performance. They perfectly hold the products in highways and roads without letting them fall or slip. These nets also have the protection hooks. They protect the cargo, provides securement, and maintains balance at the same time. 

Polyethylene Nets

The PE net manufacturer makes the Polyethylene nets from UV resistant polymers. The knitted polyethylene nets render substantial environmental benefits over other types. These nets are not affected by the humidity and have low shrinkage. Polyethylene nets do not absorb water and do not rot and retain 90% of its strength during its lifespan. This suggests that it has the longest life as compared to the other types of net materials. Because of its high-quality, it is considered highly suitable netting material for the transportation of goods. These qualities make it ideal for extended outdoor applications. It is also economical on average in contrast to the other mesh netting. Polyethylene mesh nets are a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor users on a budget.