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Different Types of Cargo Nets

There are different types of cargo nets that are used in several applications and serves many benefits.

Scaffold and Debris Nets

Scaffold and debris nets are manufactured of polypropylene and are commonly used in the construction and agriculture industries. These nets provide protection for both laborers and persons around the building site, as well as other properties. Scaffold nets decrease the risk of accidents, improve efficiency, and reduced cleanup time. One can also employ these nets as bridge debris netting, which surrounds a connection while undergoing work to secure pedestrians, laborers, vehicles, and other properties from dropping debris. This net is especially perfect for times where debris may fall into streams and rivers. Scaffold or debris net is a sturdier, economic, and eco-friendly net. It makes clean up safer and diminishes liabilities.

Personnel Safety Nets

The personnel safety nets are manufactured in a secured nylon twine. It can be employed for any kind of construction such as bridge and building creation, tunnel structure, and highway overpass edifice. The netting comprises of attachment knobs and a high-tenacity polyamide fiber for a durable end-product with plenty of efficiency and proficiency. These nets offer not just on-the-job safety, but also keep the nearby property and averts loss of time and job site materials.

Lifting Nets

Lifting nets are perfect to use for lifting a variety of cargo that’s either hefty and/or an awkward shape, or any cargo that is hard to accommodate with conventional webbing lifting slings. It is made in high-tenacity polypropylene fiber, which is considered knotless because of its unique knitting assembly.The net encircles around the cargo, offers securement and stable lifting, without adding excessive weight like a lifting beam or chain sling often can.

Pickup Truck Cargo Nets

Cargo net vendor makes the pickup truck cargo nets that are a quick and easy way to protect your cargo on the roads and highways. They are available with extra S-hooks for extra attachment and safety.